Labyrinthium is a 2D top-down dungeon crawler designed as part of Brackeys 7-day Game Jam in 2019.

The player must maneuver a procedurally-generated labyrinth while collecting crystals at the behest of a sentient flower. However, the player is pursued by the “Minotaur,” a void-like creature that hunts you to no end. While skeletons in the labyrinth urge you not to trust the flower, the flower residents of the labyrinth insist it is the Minotaur who is the true enemy and that collecting the crystals is the only way to purge the labyrinth of his terror.

Whether the player chooses to trust the skeletons or the flowers determines their endgame and the endgame of the entire labyrinth.

Role: Narrative Designer/Writer, 2D Artist


  • Design the narrative atmosphere and overarching story
  • Write cutscenes as well as procedurally-generated narrative text
  • Create 2D pixel art assets using Piskel
  • Collaborate with team members to complete the game within a 7-day period

Tools: Unity, Piskel, Google Suite, Discord

Play the game here!