Character Sheets

Character #1: Henny

A deuteragonist and sidekick featured in The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Wildcat Scroll

Name: Henny
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 15
Gender Identity: Man

Setting: Henny is the best friend/sidekick of the Player Character and one of the story’s two deuteragonists.

Biography: Set in the Redwall universe, Henny is a teenage hedgehog student at Redwall Abbey, a peaceful community in
Mossflower Woods.

Henny is a teenage hedgehog born and raised in Redwall Abbey alongside his best friend, the Player Character. He is studying to become a Scholar under his mentor, Sister Mary-Lo.

Henny isn’t much like the other Scholars of Redwall Abbey. While they are typically solemn and contemplative, Henny prefers to pursue knowledge in an upfront and adventurous manner. Sister Mary-Lo instilled this spirit in him from stories of her own adventuring days, but she asserts that Henny is still too young to wander about the forest alone. Henny, youthful and naive to the dangers of the world outside the Abbey, thinks otherwise. He often sneaks off too far from the Abbey walls to explore the woods, meet folk passing through, or practice his bee-speech in the wildflower meadow — and always he drags his best friend, the Player Character, along.

While Henny is consistently getting into trouble for his

He’s always carrying too many journals in his shoulder bag, which makes him look like a tottering mole walking about the Abbey (although he has strangely strong shoulders because of it), and the Player could swear every time he sees his friend, he’s finished filling out another journal full of his sketches and notes. He wears glasses because as a child, he stayed up reading after dark and hurt his eyes, but he quite likes them and believes they make him look ‘dapper.’

Despite his choice of pursuit, Henny does have trouble learning from books, finding himself a much slower reader than most. Despite this setback, he still has a deep passion for reading and loves books, because he loves the thrill of discovering knowledge. He takes encouragement from Sister Mabel that there’s nothing wrong with going slow, and instead prides himself on how much he retains what he reads. He loves working in the library, always eager to discover something new, although he is insecure about how much faster others can sort records and copy notes than he can. He’s excellent at solving riddles and absolutely prides himself on it, seeking out riddles wherever he can. Henny also has an excellent memory, making him a great resource amongst the Scholars for remembering little facts or memorizing notes — although occasionally it does make him a bit of a know-it-all. He doesn’t take criticism well; he does not get angry or flustered, but instead deeply internalizes it and few know that he is his own harshest critic by far. 

Because of his naturally clever mind and curious nature, Henny is rather mischievous and enjoys pranking his fellow Redwallers. He’s gotten a scolding one too many times from the chef for sprinkling a pinch of chili flakes into the dessert pudding or shaving a few centimeters off the Great Hall chairs each day. And he’s an expert at not being caught. While you might not notice it at first, if you talk with Henny long enough you’ll notice he’s got a wildly sarcastic attitude as well as a wicked talent for clever comebacks — although he usually says them under his breath, and the player might be the only one who catches it. 

While Henny quietly prides himself on his cleverness, he doesn’t quite realize the extent of his own wisdom. The Player can see that Henny understands a great many things that others don’t, such as the perspective of someone whose shoes he’s never stepped in before. And he understands it as though it were second-nature — so much so that he often might consider something so obvious he doesn’t point it out, assuming others are already aware of it. This can occasionally cause miscommunications, and frustrations for Henny, who doesn’t get why others wouldn’t be able to see what is so clear to him. 

Character #2: Alister

A deuteragonist and antagonist featured in The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Wildcat Scroll

Name: Alister
Species: Wildcat
Age: Late 20s
Gender Identity: Man

Setting: Alister is the leader of the story’s antagonist clan, though he also serves as a deuteragonist. Depending on what story paths the Player chooses to take, Alister’s status as an antagonist varies.


Alister is a black wildcat with green eyes. He is a descendant of Verdauga Greeneyes and resides in northern Mossflower country with his family clan, the Gingivera clan. He is the eldest of the younger generation (approx 30 in human years) and serves as a “big brother” to his many siblings and cousins. The clan expects Alister to become Clan Leader of the clan when his aunt, Ela, the current Clan Leader, steps down, and Ela has been preparing Alister since he was young for this role. 

However, Alister’s cousin and the Clan Leader’s own son, Eren, wants to become Clan Leader instead and is angry at his mother for “favoring” Alister over him (in Ela’s words, Alister is the stronger natural leader than Eren is and she means no disrespect to or lack of love for her son in choosing Alister over him, but Eren does not see it this way). This creates a rivalry between Alister and Eren, though the rivalry is mostly one-sided. Eren is always looking for a way to prove that he is instead the proper choice of succeeding his mother. Alister mainly ignores Eren’s antics, but cares for him greatly as a cousin and friend. When the player tries to convince Alister that Eren has his own evil ulterior plot, Alister doesn’t believe them until he sees it himself.

Alister is wise for his age and level-headed. He would rather pursue diplomacy and pacifism than war, but understands when war is necessary to protect his people. He is a strong leader that others naturally follow and trust, and though he is typically of few words, always thoughtfully considering what he will say, he is gifted at giving inspiring speeches. Alister holds great respect for his clan’s culture, tradition, and history and seeks to preserve it. These are all traits that the elders believe will make him an ideal Clan Leader for the clan. He is also kind and seeks to help all creatures in need, even risking his own life to save Skyfeather (who is a stranger to him at this point) when she is attacked by a clan of toads.

At the beginning of the story, Alister is not certain he wants the title of Clan Leader. He wants to lead his people through greatness, but feels threatened by the formality of “Clan Leader,” likely spurred by Eren’s jealousy of the title and Alister’s wish to avoid conflict. However, Alister is passionate about preserving his clan’s history and culture, and when the Redwallers threaten that by refusing to give to him the Scroll of Inheritance and causing the death of his little sister, Ruthie (unbeknownst to Alister that Ruthie’s death was plotted by Eren), he decides to lead his people into the conflict against Redwall, his emotions leading him into places he has not tread before and threatening his values. Alister will learn how to grasp onto his values despite where his emotions want him to go instead, by the end of the story turning him into an even stronger leader ready to take up the Clan Leader’s staff. He has the potential to become a good friend to the player.

Character #3: Eren

The main antagonist featured in The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Wildcat Scroll

Name: Eren
Species: Wildcat
Age: Late 20s
Gender Identity: Man

Setting: Eren is the main antagonist to both the Player Character and deuteragonist Alister (who may also be an antagonist to the Player Character, though from a different direction).


Eren is a gray tabby wildcat with yellow eyes. He is a descendant of Verdauga Greeneyes and resides in northern Mossflower country with his family clan, the Gingivera clan. His mother is Ela, Clan Leader of the clan. Eren is known for his hot-headedness and manipulative nature. He holds great jealousy and resent for Alister, who was chosen to succeed Ela as Clan Leader instead of him. He has many plots in his head to prove that he is the right choice to succeed his mother, but never has a good chance to do so until he and the other clan warriors travel to Redwall to retrieve the Scroll of Inheritance. Eren creates a plot to turn Alister against the Redwallers and spur the war between them. This plan causes the death of Ruthie (although Eren had not meant to kill her, only harm her and blame it on the Redwallers), hoping that Alister will be killed in the conflict or that Eren will rise victorious over him, retrieving the Scroll himself and proving his honor as Clan Leader. Eren is backed by his friend Tsiri, although even she does not know the extent of Eren’s plot.

Unlike Alister, Eren does not like woodlanders. This, however, is not innate, but caused over time by his mother’s preference for Alister and his view that woodlanders are not the “good” creatures they are made out to be. He has seen the woodlanders of the north hold judgment against him and his clan simply because of their species and grows to hate them for it. All this turns him into the villain that he is.

Eren has a friendship with the vermin crow clan that lives nearby the clan. Against Alister and his mother’s wishes (who feels bringing the crows to Redwall will come off as a threat), he elects their help on their quest to Redwall and the crows agree, hoping to help Eren become Clan Leader so the crow clan may become more powerful with the Gingivera clan as a strong ally, as well as conquer the Sparra rafters of Redwall.

Toward the end of the story, Eren will fall so far into villainy that he scares even himself, becoming frightened and unstable, but he will be too prideful and ashamed to turn back from the path he’s taken, eventually leading to his own defeat. However, when presented with the opportunity to kill Alister himself, he isn’t able to do it. He isn’t a murderer, no matter how angry he is.
Something important to note is that Eren isn’t “bad” in nature, nor does he want to be bad. He is the result of a lack of love from his mother, a jealousy for others, a disdain for prejudice against him and his people, and a feeling that he will never be appreciated or be as good as he tries so hard to be. Eren is a tragic character.

Character #4: Jules

A side-quest character featured in The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Flowers of Icetor

Name: Jules
Species: Shrew
Age: 15
Gender Identity: Woman

Setting: Set in the woods of Mossflower, in the Redwall universe


Jules wears oversized overalls and a bandana headband. She’s a feisty young teen with quite the temper and a snarl to match. Though she just about always has a rough, rude attitude about her, it’s more of a defense mechanism than anything else. Even when she expresses her anger, she’s guarded and on the defense. Truthfully, Jules is insecure and scared. She’s scared of her sadness and lack of control (due to her mother being sick and her not being able to do anything to help her). Deep down, Jules is kind and caring, but she only reveals it to those she trusts or those who show her kindness first (she opens up to the player in this way, if they take the time to dive into her side-plot character arc).

Character #1: Thalia Imparin

“A Star Wars story”

Name: Thalia Imparin
Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender Identity: Woman

Setting: Set in the Old Republic era of the Star Wars universe, a time where both the Jedi and Sith Order flourish

Biography: Thalia Imparin is a morally-gray Force-sensitive bounty hunter.

Thalia Imparin was born to a lowly family outside the jurisdiction of the Republic in the Outer Rim. Therefore, despite being force-sensitive, she was not discovered by the Jedi or the Sith and was never trained in her abilities.

Character #2: Vrey Sidereous & Derian Blackshift

Gender Identity: